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The It Gets Better Project

Hey everyone- wanted to share another GREAT project the focuses on supporting LGBT youth!

It’s called the It Gets Better Project and it’s amazing. This is the kind of support and outreach I’d LOVE  to achieve.

Who’s heard of it? Where did you find out about it! Let us know!

Check it out and spread the link! Signing the pledge is another great way to get involved and spread the message of acceptance and tolerance and respect- especially since it focuses on youth- a group who really need society to change their attitude!

"Will Work for Equality"


My own contributed image- more to come! Get inspired and create and submit your own! what will you work towards in 2012?

New Logo

For those of you who haven’t seen it over on our Facebook page- be sure to check out our new logo designed by Steven Gillis!


Hello All! Here are some great articles to check out! Keep up to date on  pro-equality progress across multiple issues in multiple states. Today we’re highlighting New Jersey and more Massachusetts!

Gay Marriage: 

““Marriage equality isn’t like sports betting,” said Senator Raymond Lesniak, a Union County Democrat, referring to a referendum on an amendment to the State Constitution on gambling last year. “It’s a civil right, which is already guaranteed in our Constitution. It’s up to the Legislature to guarantee these rights.”

Transgender Rights Law:

“Massachusetts officially became the 16th state to treat transgender citizens as a protected class today as Governor Deval Patrick hosted a ceremonial signing of the groundbreaking rights bill.”


Check them out!


A wonderful effort is going on in Massachusetts that encourages students to stand against bullying in response to the suicides occurring in recent months. Please see the news story posted below for details. The no naming calling day is national according to the tag line but the article gives specific mention to MA. If anyone could clarify this would be great!

meanwhile, for those followers in MA, please encourage supporting this by spreading the news to any students you know. Those of you in other states are encouraged to promote the idea in your own state! 

Please read and share!

New Name and a Contest!

Hi all,

So the new name has finally happened!

In honor of finally being able to move forward I’m declaring a contest!

Who can design a logo? Must inclue the name: Project PEAR: Promoting Equality, Acceptance & Respect.

Can include the add on ‘for a better tomorrow’

– Prize: recognition and credit as creator of the logo, and a print of the forthcoming photo series of your choice if your design is selected.

Yes, I know the photos aren’t up yet but they will be soon. In the meantime, spread the word to graphic designers, artists, anyone!!

Contact with questions or to submit!

Edit: Deadline 11/28/11, thanks to Deanna for mentioning that!

A few more updates…

– On facebook? Spread the project that way! Like and share our page!

– Photos coming soon- please check back.

– Submissions submissions submissions! Please consider contributing!

– Name change: Looks like Project PEAR (Promoting Equality, Acceptance and Respect) will be the new name, but I haven’t been able to do the proper research due to a cross country move so I’m holding off on making it official. If anyone wants to lend their time please contact me.






Someone passed this article on to me. It really speaks to how bullying has changed and why society must reevaluate how we respond to it. In a large part this is why I want to get this project going. Please read and consider contributing:


Still looking into the new name but right now the best candidate is the PEAR project (Promoting Equality, Acceptance and Respect).

Also the call for submissions is going out! If you have a story of a photo please contact me or comment! We are looking to get these circulating and need YOUR help!

Bump in the Road

So apparently, I did not do my homework thoroughly enough- shame on me. There are a lot of other Project Progress’ running around on the internet. I need to change the name, especially before this gets big. I do not want to be sued by 8 different people. I’m of course brainstorming away- but for those of you out there:

If you have suggestions for a new name that is absolutely unique and still captures the feelings behind the project- please email me at

Oh, and look for a name change- coming soon!